Keralan Stew

If ever there was an internationally recognised doyenne of Indian food, it’s Madhur Jaffery. As a teenager, I stumbled across her programmes when satellite TV finally reached Abu Dhabi air space. I remember feeling like I was caught off-guard, blind sided and utterly mesmerized by this well-spoken, articulate, classy Indian ‘Aunty’. It was the first time I had seen an Indian woman, complete with sari and bindhi, represented so gracefully on the international screen and I admired her. She was straight spoken, but never condescending, her tone was that of an enthusiastic clever teacher, charming the viewer with her wit and her cooking. Her confidence and knowledge engaged your trust.


Chestnut Soup

And it’s 2014!! December whizzed by in a flash of ripped wrapping paper, sparkly lights and clinking glasses. I selfishly surrendered control of my kitchen to my houseguest and she pulled out all the stops, dishing out one cracking meal after another.


Chicken & Chutney Sandwiches

“This is a chutney?”, I thought in my head. I immediately distrusted this vinegar reeking, almost black, cubed-something bottle of what?? On my first UK visit, in the tiny kitchen of The Scotsman’s flat, the man himself assured me that it delivers in the eating. He slathered some over pink slices of ham on bread and toasted the whole. The combination was a new found revelation! I have been a big fan of British chutneys ever since and love making my own.


A Citrus Morning

The blood orange season is short, even more so in Doha. By the time they finally take to the stage, the show’s over, and every blushing orange citrus is grabbed from a pitiful amount of crates. Mine were a pair of said hands, and precious glad I am of it too. At once macabre in colour and name, yet sweet and soft, these Sanguinelo variety of blood orange have had a constant spot in the fruit bowl of late.


Cauliflower & Cumin Fritters

I admit it, I covet everything about Thanh’s beautiful blog Eat, Little Bird. If you have ever visited, you will see why. Charmed is the word that comes to mind. So without further ado, I’ll let Thanh do one of the things she does best.  Read More

Shakshuka in Plenty

Here as promised, is the meal I held back from the Plenty review. This recipe does anything but restraint. There are days that call for that, when you want a big ol’ flavour hit that refuses to compromise. Hearty, rough around the edges, and unapologetically so. Like a rugged man. Without the emotional availability issues. Read More