And Hello, from The U.A.E

Almost eight months in the works and it’s happened. We’ve moved, lock, stock and barrel. We left Doha, Qatar with 207 cardboard boxes stuffed into a 40 foot container. After a two week pause in Scotland, we flew back to the Middle East to unload its contents into a house in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I’m back home. Before there was even a mattress set on the guest bed, my Abu Dhabi based family came to stay over the Eid holidays.


Herriot Grace

Forty sixth at Grace is the address of a blog I stumbled on years ago and passed the time of day with ever since. There was something compelling in the photography – it drew you in without resorting to gimmicks- the clean, open modern styling of the site and the sparse text with measured words all contributed to a space that was at once warm and special. Nikole Herriot has since moved the blog but you can still go through her archives. She definitely has an eye for design and recognised the potential in the woodwork of her father’s hands. Packages mailed across Canada bore handmade wooden spoons, lovingly created by her father from wood he’d been collecting for decades. Nikole knows that excellent craftsmanship speaks for itself.  There might be other souls who would truly appreciate the provenance, time, effort and passion that went into each of these unique wooden pieces. I am definitely one of those people. Read More

RE – | Re-found Objects

Fooled you with the post image didn’t I? While I would love to claim that the goodies on there originated in my kitchen, and more importantly, the luscious milky jade cake stands belong to me, I cannot. This is admiration from a distance. I had to tell you about it.

This store is simply REmarkable. Vintage, out there, classic, different, weathered,  characterful. That’s some of the words I would use to describe this store. Also, unlike many online vintage stores, the prices are very reasonable.

Check out these beautiful vintage baking trays

or these classic american jars

I adore the modern take on the vintage storage tins

Bakers twine, which I love using for gift/food wrapping.

And these glorious Moroccan trays.

There is so much more here that I would happily post but then I would be re-creating the site! RE is worth that extra click.

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