Strawberry & Rhubarb Jam

My first summer in Aberdeen was much like a first love. I experienced what a strawberry really, really tasted like, simply couldn’t get enough and wanted it with me all the time. Three punnets were on the go at a shot, freshly plucked from a local farm and sold in the farm shop along a winding country road. The kind where daffodils lined the edges and seem to nod daftly at everything that passed them.


A Citrus Morning

The blood orange season is short, even more so in Doha. By the time they finally take to the stage, the show’s over, and every blushing orange citrus is grabbed from a pitiful amount of crates. Mine were a pair of said hands, and precious glad I am of it too. At once macabre in colour and name, yet sweet and soft, these Sanguinelo variety of blood orange have had a constant spot in the fruit bowl of late.


Shakshuka in Plenty

Here as promised, is the meal I held back from the Plenty review. This recipe does anything but restraint. There are days that call for that, when you want a big ol’ flavour hit that refuses to compromise. Hearty, rough around the edges, and unapologetically so. Like a rugged man. Without the emotional availability issues. Read More

A Bowlful of Rice

If you have a bowl of cold, cooked rice, you have much.

In my book, there is no other food item that can present itself in as many satisfactory guises as rice does. The humble, willing workhorse of the food world, it argues with very little. A few chopped spring onions, eggs, veg and soy sauce heralds the far-east into your home. Chucked into a pot of steaming, aromatic stock and you have spoon-and-slurp comfort. Coat it luxuriously with curd, add some tempered spices and curry leaves and a pickle will need no other accompaniment for this Tamilian staple, thair sadam (curd rice). Cook it thickly with jaggery sweetened coconut  milk and add toasted cashew nuts for a nursery food like, sweetly nostalgic end to the day. Better yet, begin your day with the caramelised yet savoury undertones of an Indonesian Nasi Goreng. Read More

Pan de Queso

Now who can resist cheesy bread? And when it introduces itself as the romantic sounding ‘Pan de Queso’, rather than Cheesy Rings, it’s hard to refuse. Read More

Jodie’s Pillows of Heaven – Proper, Baked Doughnuts.

Have I got a treat for you! I don’t do posts back to back, but I had to get typing after my kitchen escapades this afternoon.

Look at that. Baked, proper, yeasted dough, doughnuts. And admit it, don’t you want one? Which flavour? Plain sugar coated? That’s the doughnut rings.  Coconut? The snow-powder topped ones. Orange and Raspberry Jam? See the ones with the wee pink dots? Chocolate Glazed? Oh, come on! Read More