Moraira Market, Spain Part Two

The Patterned Plate 47

Every Friday, the huge Moraira car park is transformed into a bustling, stall lined market, heaving with tourists and locals alike. The usual stalls selling ‘designer’ bags, cheap bikinis and such tat are aplenty. As are the tourists lugging huge paella making paraphenelia across the road, brow glistening at the effort under the Spanish sun. You can’t help but think their burst of spontaneity and good intentions are probably doomed to failure. There might be one inaugural meal, after which it’s likely the pan shall take up permanent residence deep in the bowels of a cold garage. Such impulse seems to pop out from people at a market, irrespective of country. You end up buying more than you should and more likely, what you really shouldn’t.

Being a creature of impulse myself, I tend to glance down these aisles and walk quickly. When my feet reach the produce aisles though, the pace is decidedly snail like. Indulgence here, is never a waste, be it time, photo taking, eating or buying. I feel a desperate urge to cartload bags of fresh veg and fruit back to the apartment and just cook. I just about managed to stop myself when I considered the lack of real space, let alone gear, in the rented apartment. I got greedy with the fruit though. My kids are fruit monsters, they live on the stuff and bags of plums, peaches, grapes, melons and cherries were carried home. Vendors are more than happy for you to have a sample, like the young, happy, loud bloke shovelling cherries into a bag, insisting his were the best on show. Having sampled a few along the way to his stall, I had to agree. That bagful was demolished within a couple of hours after my return.

‘Local’ supermarkets cannot compete with the fresh and highly reasonable produce on offer here and why would folk choose to purchase fruit from there? A food market is on every day of the week in different towns around this area. All that’s needed is a car and you could eat well, seasonally, supporting local communities and businesses all of which is healthier for the body and on the pocket. I remember standing in the midst of the noise and colour, feeling despair at the thought that such produce would never grace the shopping trolleys of Doha. Being a desert country, this kind of abundance has to be imported, at a cost to purse and quality.

I have placed the order of the pictures, as the stalls are laid out in the market. Sweets and turrons, spices, dried meats, dried fruits, olives, fruit and vegetables. This considerably long aisle ends conveniently with a cafe. More promisingly though, it all starts, with a Churros Van.  

The Patterned Plate 25The Patterned Plate 26The Patterned Plate 27The Patterned Plate 28The Patterned Plate 45The Patterned Plate 30The Patterned Plate 29The Patterned Plate 31The Patterned Plate 32The Patterned Plate 33The Patterned Plate 34The Patterned Plate 35The Patterned Plate 36The Patterned Plate 37The Patterned Plate 39The Patterned Plate 42The Patterned Plate 40The Patterned Plate 41The Patterned Plate 43The Patterned Plate 44The Patterned Plate 46


17 thoughts on “Moraira Market, Spain Part Two

  1. George

    Carrie – Once again a gigantic ” GOLD STAR !! ” – your play on words, the candid photography and the production of your blog is all just majic ! …. We are indeed very lucky ” Inlaws ” to have such a beautiful, clever, and artistic D I L ! ……. Now blog 3 -” Denia !!! ” L O L …. I do jest ! ….G. x x x x x

  2. Rushi!

    Carrie, that market is a food lover’s paradise. How could anyone not resist bringing back home a cartload of fresh produce. Oooooh and look at all those candied fruits! I want to move to Spain 🙂

  3. laurasmess

    What an amazing post Carrie! I love the way you’ve taken your photographs. Makes me feel like I was really there! It’s been a very long time since my last trip to Spain (at least seven years!) but you’re making me want to go back. Badly! Thanks for sharing these moments with us 🙂

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