A Fanciful Birthday Tea Party

Take a kitchenware and crockery obsessed mother with a keen eye for detail, a beautiful birthday girl, a few willing pals (one, conveniently, a baker with a camera) and you get a pretty fabulous birthday tea party for a wee girlie. Ali raided my blog props, I re-arranged her furniture and a very obliging Katy was roped in to be a pom-pom hanger (she’s the tallest!)/reflector holder/ flower arranger. The birthday girl danced in with her friends after school, one of whom was Lil Lassie, put on their party frocks and proceeded to eat their way to a sugar overload. And here’s why!

The beautiful, whimsical illustration in the picture, by artist  Vanessa Valencia was one of the gifts for the birthday girl, from her parents. The invitations and thank-you cards were also her work and provided a fantastic colour palette to work from. You can find more of Vanessa’s stunning work on her Etsy shop, A Fanciful Twist.

Tea Party Table 05

You can’t have a party without  cake. A luxurious vanilla flavoured ruffle cake, frosted with my go-to Sweetapolita Swiss Meringue Buttercream, was the perfect choice.

Tea Party Table 04 The Patterned Plate

Tea Party Table 03 The Patterned Plate

Tea Party Table 05 The Patterned Plate copy

Tea Party Table 06 The Patterned Plate copy

Lemon Fairy Cakes with Fondant Icing, Cheese Croissants and Assorted Sandwiches filled up the tiered stand. There was also lemonade, bon bons and coconut covered marshmallows. It was all a little mad, a little much and terribly pink and the girl couldn’t be happier! Thanks Ali for letting me be part of your girl’s day. She’s a wee cracker and does you proud!

PS: Katy hard at work! Thanks so much! Couldn’t do without you! xx


48 thoughts on “A Fanciful Birthday Tea Party

  1. Shaz

    Right, I know who to call on to cater for my 50th tea party I’ve been planning, you girls have been reading my mind…. Just beautiful…..

  2. Rushi!

    Awww that’s such a sweet & girly tea party. Love the colours and love love the spread. I just can’t stop staring at the pics. 🙂

  3. saltandserenity

    What a spectacular party. I want a grown up version just like it please! The piping on that cake is so spectacular, I can’t stop staring at it to figure out how it is done.

  4. Ania A.

    Beautiful! As a former event coordinator I have an eye for details and as soon as I saw your post it garbed my attention right away. The Table scape is gorgeous, I love the color palette, perfect for a girlie girl 🙂 the cake looks amazing and all the details are coordinated really well. I’m in love with the menu choices, everything looks so delicious.

  5. thanh @ eat, little bird

    What gorgeous, gorgeous photos! Oh how I wish I had a birthday party like that when I was a little girl. The food just looks delightful and I love how it is displayed on the table. I love the tablecloth too! But those meringues look heavenly … what a great idea for a tea party!

    1. The Patterned Plate

      😀 It was a collaborative effort and I am terribly pleased with how it turned out! Those meringues; the kids kept coming back for them. I don’t think there were many, if any, left!

  6. Ali

    To be honest I think we had just as much fun plotting, planning and preparing as the girls did at the party (while we lay on the lounge exhausted). Thanks so much Carrie for all your hard work, for sharing your collection of beautiful tableware and taking such gorgeous photos, to Katy for pulling it all together on the day (without you we’d have been sunk), to Hubby (aka the Hapless Home Handyman) for making the cake stands without breaking a single plate, to Jo for those divine scones and to Vanessa for her gorgeous art work. Eden loved her day and hopefully she will remember it for many years (and not expect us to top it next year).

  7. Liz Headon

    Goodness me – little girls’ birthday parties are so sophisticated these days ! Mind you, granted I’m comparing with my own memories of 1950s parties when wartime rationing had only just finished ! I laughed at the bit about having a tall friend for pom-pom hanging – that kind of job always falls to me too !

    1. The Patterned Plate

      Haha! Yes, I suppose it’s not terribly kiddy. I think the whole exercise was more to gratify the perfectionist tendencies of a couple of the adults! But the kids absolutely loved the day. And yes, poor Katy. She has many, many talents besides this but no doubt, will be called upon to hang pom poms henceforth!

    1. The Patterned Plate

      I think the parents having something rewarding during a children’s birthday party is rather essential!! Thank you for you lovely compliments, and yes, I agree, Valencia’s work definitely has similar whimsicality though I think her work, for me is better described as rather romantic 🙂

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  9. Kim

    This is lovely. How do you get the shape of your meringues so defined? Mine tend to spread quite a bit.

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