A Citrus Morning

The blood orange season is short, even more so in Doha. By the time they finally take to the stage, the show’s over, and every blushing orange citrus is grabbed from a pitiful amount of crates. Mine were a pair of said hands, and precious glad I am of it too. At once macabre in colour and name, yet sweet and soft, these Sanguinelo variety of blood orange have had a constant spot in the fruit bowl of late. I have Pinterest-ed, Food Gawk-ed and stalked several blogs to find ways of putting it to glorious use,  but, it’s never gotten that far. Inevitably, they are sliced and eaten greedily, falling apart naturally into easy-to-stab sections. There is something rather thrilling as you cut into the fruit and see that deep red, tawny colour oozing from between your fingers. Clearly I need to get out more.

Citrus Breakfast 04 The Patterned Plate

Citrus is the current fad for spring in this household. My folks are here on a visit and as Dad is a grapefruit fiend, especially of the fat, squat pink variety, they too have ousted the long standing resident apples and bananas from the fruit bowl. Most mornings are a battle to get breakfast, lunch boxes, uniforms, make-up done in record time for school. So breakfast is time I cannot afford to ‘waste’. However this bright Saturday morning, The Scotsman packed the car with the annoyingly bouncy kids and my easy going parents, to go and bash some forlorn dune in the middle of the dessert. I packed the car with lunches, sunscreen and hats and waved them all goodbye.

The house was dead quiet. Aaaaaaaaaah, time to put the kettle on. I decided to pep up a foul mood, from the inside out, with the colour and flavour, not to mention anti-oxidant blast of citrussy goodness. Some slicing, some bashing, a little scattering, a touch of drizzling and I had me a red-toned breakfast that banished the blues.

Citrus Breakfast 03 The Patterned Plate

Consider any citrus here that takes your fancy. I would have had normal oranges too, but ran out. The mildly bitter backnote of the pink grapefruit married so well with the sweeter, darker blood orange. Pomegranate seeds, all glossy and luminescent, provided crunch as well as a tart offset and slivered, jade coloured, waxy pistachios offered a creamy bite. Mint, with it’s herbal, citrus toned hit, as well as  a squeeze of lime freshened the whole. At the very end, I drizzled a teaspoon’s worth of pomegranate molasses, that thick Middle Eastern syrup that seems to have the incredible talent of bringing out the finer characteristics of it’s partners; the fruits were singing!

It was a bright morning, a quiet morning, a kind of morning to sip lemon tea, note down random thoughts, stare at a blue sky and eat exotic fruit. In fact, a great morning.

Citrus Breakfast 05 The Patterned Plate

Citrus Breakfast

This is hardly eligible to put into a recipe format; go with what you love. Here is what I did.

2 blood oranges, peeled and sliced into rounds
1 pink grapefruit. peeled and sliced into rounds
half a pomegranate, bashed to release it’s seeds
A small handful of slivered pistachios
A wee sprig of fresh mint leaves
1 teaspoons of pomegranate molasses
A wee squeeze of half a lime
A pinch of sugar (optional)

Lay the sliced fruit in a platter, scatter over the pomegranate seeds and nuts. Tear and scatter the mint leaves. Squeeze over the lime, drizzle the molasses over the plate and finish with a pinch of sugar, if using. Eat greedily. With lemon and mint tea; it’s entirely appropriate.


32 thoughts on “A Citrus Morning

  1. Ali

    Have you taken all the blood oranges in doha or have you left some for us poor shmucks? It looks gorgeous, as always and I hope your inner Chi was restored.

  2. oiyoufood

    Such a beautiful plate! As always! Funny enough yesterday I made a post about cutting a pomegranate! I was getting all geeky about this fruit. 🙂

  3. saltandserenity

    I had to laugh when you said, “Clearly I need to get out more!”. If you got out more, then we wouldn’t have the joy of reading your beautiful prose or seeing your gorgeous photos. Stay home and blog please!!

  4. Rushi!

    OMG, that’s such a heavenly combo 🙂 My day just got sooooo much better by just looking at the pics.


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