and ends with a party…

“This is what I want Mummy”, she declared one morning. A green paper with her wonky writing was shoved in my face. On it, was the criteria required for birthday party cake. It had to have flowers, birds, trees and a fairy on top. Nothing else but chocolate was to be considered for flavour. Cupcakes were essential and could she please have popcorn too. Biscuit decorating was to be one of the ‘activities’ (seriously, how many did she think I was going to do besides just this one?) and balloons must be pink and purple.

Fairy Cake 05

Lil Lassie is six and knows what she wants. After the initial feeling of being bulldozed, I appreciated her clarity of vision greatly. It gave me direction and I knew what had to get done.

And this is how it turned out. Loads of pics folks, loads!

Fairy Cake 02

Fairy Cake Pair 01

The cake was a three layered chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream. The cupcakes come from the Love Bakery book by Samantha Blears and are the only cupcakes that I unashamedly declare love for. The wee chocolate balls are leftover cake mixed with frosting and coated in melted chocolate to make cake balls. The wee fairy cake topper comes from this step-by-step, fabulous tutorial from The Cake Journal. The mini meringues are from Peggy Porschen’s Boutique Baking book and is foolproof! Kids went bonkers for these. On a separate table, I laid down some bites for the mums; Spinach Quiche and some chocolate drops.

Fairy Cake Pair 03

These drops are the easiest things to do should you have some spare melted chocolate needing used up. I mixed in a bit of orange extract into the chocolate and poured teaspoons of the chocolate onto baking paper. Sprinkle over whatever decorations you want. Leave somewhere cool to set. That’s it.

Fairy Cake Pair 04

If there ever was a time I am grateful for my modest cookbook collection; it’s at times like this. I know exactly where the recipes I want are, I don’t have to rummage a great deal and I don’t have to think of anything but following the directions of those that went before me. I may have spent a lot of late nights making fondant decorations, popcorn boxes and paper pom poms but when I saw Lil Lassie’s face, heard her gasp when she saw the room, those hours vanished! She had a great time with her friends, danced like no one was watching her and ate more sugar than is wise. And we all joined her. Happy Birthday, my little lassie.

Hannah 03


51 thoughts on “and ends with a party…

  1. Susan

    Oh Carrie! Its wonderful! Can I hire you for Lucca’s birthday?? Im SERIOUS!!!!! Well done, I bet she was just over the moon!! xx

  2. Hazzer New Zealand

    Wow, now that isn’t really enough is it? Absolutely amaz ‘cake’ balls. Would you like to adopt me and do my birthdays? Please, please, please.
    Lil Lassie is a very lucky lady to have such a talented mama; cake baker supremo, decorating/styling goddess, photographer extraordinaire.
    You did good Mrs Smith.

  3. Sarvani @ baker in disguise

    I wish I had Lil Lassie’s clarity of thought!! Life would have turned out different!! πŸ™‚ You have done such a beautiful job Carrie!! Super duper impressed!!

    PS– what do you think of Peggy Porschen;s book.. am a big fan of her work.. I have wanted to buy the book.. but am wondering if it demands a high skill level??

    1. The Patterned Plate

      She certainly has that Sarvani! Very clear ideas about EVERYTHING! I feel rather dumb sometimes ahahah!! Thanks for the compliments.

      Peggy Porschen’s book is absolutely wonderful. Cracking recipes and loads of ideas, but as you guessed, they are more for the experienced cake decorator, but not out of reach at all. You do have to build to it, though some of the designs are easier than others. There’s a range of techniques covered from frosting, piping with buttercream and royal icing to fondant and gumpaste work. If you’d like to get some books to build confidence, go for Annie Rigg, Zoe Clark and move up to Fiona Cairns, Peggy Porschen etc.

      Amazon lets you look through some of the books so that will give you an idea of what level the book is at. Start simple and before you know it you’ll be making figurines!

  4. girlinafoodfrenzy

    A dream come true! Your labour of love will never be forgotten and one day, I’m sure (your little lass) will be putting equal love into (your celebrations) to come… Although quite a while till she does that yet πŸ™‚

  5. Tammy

    I love this! You’re amazing. Gorgeous, gorgeous. Makes me think of when my own were small and designed things – and leaves you with coming up with it – well executed, mum!

  6. Keep Calm and Eat On

    Your little One is beautiful so is that birthday cake. I tried my hand at gum paste last year for my 2year olds birthday and hopefully I won’t fall out this year too. You have inspired me with this beautiful post. Your blog is beautiful, it’s words and its recipes.

  7. George & Irene.

    Hi Carrie, You are truly amazing – what a wonderful cake and everything looked absolutely amazing. Wish we had been there to enjoy the party, but enjoyed Christmas with you all even though my boy wonder took poorly!!! Many congratulations – We truly have a beautiful grand-daughter.

  8. Rushi!

    Oh my oh my Carrie! Can you adopt me as your little girl or can I kidnap you for a couple of days when I have my own little babies? πŸ˜‰ I love Peggy Porschen’s cakes, she’s a total cake goddess and now so are you! I conquered the meringue mountain in December and have not looked back ever since. They are so easy to make and piping them out is so therapeutic. You’re one talented lady! πŸ™‚

    1. The Patterned Plate

      Peggy Porschen’s work is the epitome of prettiness! I love these wee meringues and glad to hear you’ve conquered your fear of them! Next stop is a huge, billowing pavlova. It such an ego booster hhaha! And thanks for the lovely compliments Rushi πŸ˜‰

  9. TheSpicySaffron

    Whoaa!! Super duper !! what a customized birthday party lil lasie had! I am floored by the brightness of the photos. Everything looks amazing. I am eyeing the spinach quiche with open greed, Carrie. Will have to make them soon:)

  10. Jean | Lemons & Anchovies

    What a beautiful party–I found myself mentally checking off the items on your Lil Lassie’s list and you had it all. πŸ™‚ I can’t think of any six year old who wouldn’t have been delighted to walk into this room–great job!

    1. The Patterned Plate

      HA! You are as diligent as my daughter Jean! If you knew her, you’d know that she wouldn’t let me live it down if I forgot anything, which is why I greatly appreciated said list. She was very happy πŸ™‚

  11. Deepa

    Carrie, I discovered your blog a few months ago and I think it’s absolutely stunning. Full of warmth, gorgeous words, breathtaking photos and just a huge inspiration all around. Congrats on such a beautiful site.

    1. The Patterned Plate

      *Blush*, thank you Deepa for your very kind words. I’m glad you like it enough to have a nosy and post πŸ™‚ I’ve been to yours and see you’ve just started. Be warned, it’s addictive, but that’s what makes it fun too! All the best!

  12. Meenakshi

    Carrie this looks straight out of a fairytale!! Absolutely gorgeous. I love the little popcorn tubs. And the tulle skirt. That is one massive fea(s)t you pulled off!!!

    1. The Patterned Plate

      Oh that tulle skirt – I love it more that she does I think! The popcorn boxes- oh the cursing!! I did them myself (templates are all over the the web) as the ones here were extortionate! She had a great day πŸ™‚ Thanks Meenakshi!

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