2 Cakes + 2 Celebrations + 1 Girl = Very Happy 5 Year old

I am surrounded by pink. Pink homemade bunting, balloons, favour bags, tablecloths, icing and feathers. I feel distinctly out of place. The birthday girl, who has just turned five, is skipping about, happy and relishing the attention that a birthday party brings. I will admit, I was dreading it. Not from a my-baby’s-growing-up perspective as much as organising-a-party-for-hyper-kids sort of angle. Having said that, as hectic as it was, the kids had a blast, were so happy with the arrangements, that I really got into the swing of it, making a fool of myself during musical statues (they still entertain at five years of age). Also I had a feeling of perfect, unadulterated happiness, when some of the children came to me and said that this was a lovely party and the cake was yummy!

Lil Lassie was lucky with two cakes this year. One on her real birth-day and the other for the party. Her cherished favourite is Nigella’s Chocolate Fudge Cake. Excellent choice. The damp, moist dense-ish cake, slathered in grainy textured, chocolate buttercream, is lavish without being heavy. Which means that you can plough through a substantial amount of it without clutching your belly in pain and regret all evening while suffering from sugar driven palpitations. Ok, you might get the latter, but really, you won’t care. This is a fabulous cake. 

I have no imagination when it comes to decorating cakes. Maybe my innate terror of fondant and delicate sugarpaste work freezes the flow of any creative ideas. So when Lil Lassie pointed out to a picture of a stunning, multi-tiered wedding cake baked by my friend Mhairi (a mean cook and wonderful baker) and said she wanted that, well, I was happy to poach off someone else’s design. With her permission of course. So after a lot of kneading, rolling, cutting and plunging, I had a white fondant covered cake with pretty, shimmery, raspberry pink blossoms all around it. Though a bit of a departure from Mhairi’s more elegant, restrained design, I got a wobblier result of what I was after – something simple, girlie, fitting for a five year old.  For my first celebration birthday cake attempt, I am happy. More importantly, so was Lil Lassie. Her wide eyes and open mouth curving into a huge smile, made all the doubts and difficulties along the way worthwhile!

My moment of triumph came when all the mothers raised their hands to the question of, ” Cake, anyone?” and after eating it, came to say that it was as delicious on the inside as it was pretty on the outside! All round a success I would think.

At the end of the night,  I collapsed into a pink bed, snuggling a party weary child, with glitter from the cake dotting her eyelashes and the corner of her mouth. Her eyelids are fighting sleep but finally sink towards her cheeks. As I am about to leave the room, she softly says, ” Mama, that was the bestest party ever. I love you. Thank you for my beautiful cake.”

And now when all is quiet and everything’s doneI sit and think, of how quickly time passes and that my first born baby girl is growing up.


35 thoughts on “2 Cakes + 2 Celebrations + 1 Girl = Very Happy 5 Year old

    1. thePatternedPlate

      Thanks Sarvani! It is actually do able…there are some excellent video instructions on You Tube for covering cakes with fondant. A little bit of reading up before you try is a good idea. I have covered cakes before, like the christmas ones, but got quite nervous with this one! For the flowers, again cut rolled fondant and plunge onto a clean sponge to give that lifted petal. Stick on with royal icing and use that for the flower centres as well. It’s rather therapeutic! After all the cursing and shouting of course!!!

  1. Sam-I-am

    Aaaaaahhhhhh, such lovely memories you have created for your little princess Carrie! And yes, indeed, they are growing at an alarming pace! 😦

    1. thePatternedPlate

      I wonder if in years to come, whether she will remember this…but then I can always show her the pictures :-)) No doubt the requests will start becoming more complex, so whether mother’s amateur attempts will suffice remains to be seen!

  2. Heather @ SugarDish(Me)

    These cakes are gorgeous! Ohhh to be able to make something pink. I live in the land of Tonka trucks and video games with monsters… all things pink are promtply boycotted and renounced with a flourish. I stalk Valentine’s Day so I can assert my inner love of all things girly without causing a complete uproar. Those pink flowers are calling my name!

    1. thePatternedPlate

      Oh shame, I can feel your repression! Are there any friends with wee girlies that you could bake for?? Might just tame the longing a tad :-)) Hope you are able to indulge hedonistically in Valentine’s Day !!

  3. At Anna's Kitchen table

    That was such a beautiful post, I can feel the love you have emanating through your words :))
    What little (or big!) girl would not be completely thrilled with such a beautiful cake!
    I must admit that Nigella’s old fashioned chocolate cake is my favourite and I’m almost nervous that another recipe won’t come close.

  4. NYinRome

    AWWW, you certainly made your lil lassie a very happy one! Your efforts and satisfaction comes through in your writing Carrie, delicatel written, just like those incredible rasberry pink flowers on that very lovely cake. So glad it all worked out, how could it not be enjoyed! take care..

  5. Lucy

    Both these cakes look utterly delicious – what a lucky little girl. I love the flower pattern on the fondant cake – so girly and dainty!

  6. thelittleloaf

    That chocolate cake looks absolutely divine – exactly the kind I’d have wanted as a little girl! I always used to bake birthday cakes with my Mum and now every time I make a cake it brings back such wonderful memories 🙂

    1. thePatternedPlate

      Aww thanks! I bake her birthday cakes with her too! I did for the first one and did the decorated one by myself..was rather nervous and I didn’t want ickle fingers poking and prodding around haha! My daughter loves baking, and waits for the spatula licking part…I hope she will remember all this too, like you :-))

  7. CarrieH

    Looks fantastic! My Goddaughter is Hannah so will be copying your beautiful decorations. I love nigella’s fudge cake so your little girl has great taste!

    1. thePatternedPlate

      Hullo Carrie! I remember you from TTOD, lovely to see you here! I hope Hannah likes your cake. It is indeed delicious, so am sure she will be pleased! Its chocolate, with a heap of frosting and pink shimmery flowers to boot! Lil Girl’s dream!

  8. Bergamote!

    The recipe asks for semi skimmed milk, would it hurt the cake if I used full fat? I love your writing and photographs are stunning, who’d not love a cake like this…

  9. melanie

    really liked reading this post!! give anything to get a piece of the cake…CHOCOLAAAAAAATTTTTTEEE….yummm

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