It’s the eleventh hour but…Happy Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve and I am tuckered out! I have, due to severe procrastination, left everything to be done today. I have seen nothing but the four walls of my kitchen and that of the oven for the last 12 hours. Thank God for my mother being here! But I did it! Everything on the list is crossed out.

Santa has mince pies and smarties laid out, to be washed down with a glass of skimmed milk. The reindeers have carrots and apples at the ready. The kids are bundled in bed, dizzy with excitement. I am afraid its going to be a five am wake up call. I can take a break before I have to finish off the last of the present wrapping and card writing ( did I mention the procrastination?) and write to you.

I am munching on Nigella’s Chocolate Christmas Cake at the moment, in the quiet of my study. This cake divides people, which might not be the most suitable effect, but for those who love it, like myself, it’s irreplaceable. Unashamedly decadent and fruit heavy, with just enough flour to hold the fruit in place, this is a rich, damp, squidgy, thick bite of fruity lusciousness. The orange scent of it is deliciously tempting, as is the faint undercurrent of chocolate and coffee.  Christmas would not be complete without it. I decorated it in a style which I plagiarised off someone else’s unique, creative design but cannot seem to find the link again. So if you know who has decorated it in this ribbon Christmas tree design, I would love to know so as to give credit.

And…I just wanted to say, that the last six months since I have started the blog, has been an experience of real, deep personal satisfaction. So much of that has to  do with the support, encouragement and correction of people who care about me and whom I care for. They are some of the best, most positive, genuine, optimistic, inspiring people out there. Who, most importantly, are not afraid of telling me where I am going wrong. Not a quality to be underestimated. I am part of a fantastic online food community and these folk have seen all the kitchen triumphs and soothed away the disasters. Twinks has been with me through every post, correcting all my ill placed semi colons and telling me off when I’m being long-winded. She inspires me to deliver my best for each post and I hope I am improving along the way. At any rate, she won’t let me get worse!

Also to every subscriber and follower, you cannot imagine how encouraging it is, to see you willing to receive my rambling posts in your mailbox. Your company and your comments have kept things fresh and exciting for me and I am grateful that you feel I have enough to offer to make you come back and take another look.

So…Merry Christmas and  a happy new year, to all who partake of The Patterned Plate. I am humbled. Wherever you are, I hope you have love, warmth and of course, good food around you. Enjoy!


9 thoughts on “It’s the eleventh hour but…Happy Christmas!

  1. Claudine

    T’is almost midnight here and NORAD tells me the Big Man is approaching Oslo!

    We are all set here – boys are snuggly warm in bed, treats left for Santa and the reindeer long ago and family have just left after our annual Christmas Eve fish fest!

    It has been an honour and a pleasure to follow your fantastic blog from its conception up to and beyond today and I am privileged to call you a true friend.

    Merry Christmas to you and to all a good night! xxx

    1. thePatternedPlate

      Merry Christmas Cucina! And likewise, love, likewise 🙂 Hope the lads and yourselves have a fantastic day and knowing you, the food will be mind bogglingly (try saying that fast!!) fantastic….Catch up with you again, on the other side! Ha! xxxxxx

  2. jobakes

    Merry Christmas Carrie! Its 3am and I can’t sleep here on Christmas morning – well I was dosing but I have been awakened by the dream of my maple pecan Xmas day cheesecake sitting in the fridge of all things lol! (And dithering about just *how much* topping it needs today lol!).

    I too count you as a real friend though we’ve never met, although you were once only 30 minutes from my home! You brighten my day with your incredible wit, big softie middle and say it like it is character (in the nicest way!) and I wouldn’t change you for the world. Thank you most of all for your friendship but for letting us into your world through your bootiful blog. Here’s to another amazing year – I can barely wait for what you will come up with next xxxxxxx

    1. thePatternedPlate

      aww Jo, thanks so much, I am very happy and glad to know you too! Merry Christmas. If anything is worth being up for it would be that cheesecake. Will be nosing over at your blog to get a better look later on. And we shall meet, next year hopefully and this time I shall give you plenty advance notice! No escape hahah!! Hope your day is lovely with hungry hubby!

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  5. Ann Koekepan

    Carrie, I am not the greatest writer 😦 but I admire your witty writing, nice humor, great, artistic, ‘wanting to make’ pictures. You are doing just the finest job with your blog! Many inspiring blogs to come! A Merry christmas to,you and your loved ones.

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