Hours and hours of going cross eyed in front of a computer screen, pretending to understand HTML, shouting at the internet gods and shooting of clenched fist in the air at success, has finally yielded the result I wanted. I have revamped the blog. And I kinda like it. So for my first post after such a indomitable task, you would think I would come out with some fancy pants confectionary of some sort to celebrate. I should have. I might have. In the end, I suppose I wanted something simple and pleasurable, something that easily hit the right spot.

Fact. I love pancakes.Pikelet A The Patterned Plate

Unfortunate fact. I suck at making them.

It’s not for lack of trying. Every cookbook that I possess with a pancake recipe has been given a good bashing. I have beaten the dickens out of the batter, folded it around gently, left it lumpy, made it smooth, incorporated egg whites, turned the heat up and down. The efforts were always eatable. Especially with lashings of amber, smoky maple syrup to smother away any lack. What I was unsuccessfully  seeking was a thickish disc, fluffy, with an open structure. My efforts reinforced the phrase ‘flat as a pancake’.

Until now.

Thanh of Eat, little bird had posted on this recipe some time ago, using cream of tartar , which is the one I have used here. If it’s hard to find wherever in the world you are, then she has very benevolently, posted the same recipe using baking powder instead. Even then I mucked it up. The first batter came out rather runny, in hindsight, with a touch too much milk, and a small egg. Scratch that.

Batch two, was much more promising, with a thicker batter using a large egg and a proper measure of milk. You cannot understand the satisfaction that comes when you see these golden discs puff up in the pan and continue to remain fluffy while cooling on the side. I had butter and strawberry jam by my cooker. As the pancakes came out, the butter and jam were slapped on and gobbled. These are two-bites sized pancakes. Calories don’t count in such dinky measures. Besides, no one was watching.

Drop scones, scotch pancakes, silver dollars, panqueques, hotcakes or pikelets. What’s in a name? A pancake by any other name, would taste as sweet. Though I have a soft spot for the charming Australian name of Pikelets.


16 thoughts on “Pikelets

  1. Big Sis Little Dish

    Number one mistake I make with pancakes is one that I make knowingly out of sheer impatience. It’s simply not letting the pan heat up sufficiently before I start dolloping out the dough. Granted, I do cook on an electric stove which aggravates the situation. Seriously though, in my opinion the key to pancake perfection is a good hot pan.


  2. thePatternedPlate

    Thanks for the tip Silvi. I keep the pan hot too now but as you can see in the pictures, some of them are a bit pale haha! That’s part of the first few that hit the pan. To think something so simple stumps me!

  3. Jo

    Aw look at them baby pancakes! So darn perfect fluffy wee pillows! I meant to comment on Thanh’s to say I love how she got them so round and so smooth and brown – but yours are a carbon copy too! Mine always come out irregular shaped with a speckled appearance and the marks of my Circulon pan on them. I can only guess you girls use a smooth griddle or frying pan? And whilst I’m at it can I say how lovely your jam pot is Carrie and is your spoon a Zara one? Cos I think I have the same but in pink and orange! Got ’em super cheap in a sale 😉

    I’ll take a proper look at your blog later – I’m only on my phone so can’t get the full appreciation of your efforts just yet! Mwah x

  4. NYinRome

    Delicious pancakes…..how can you not like them? aahhhhhh very very good. Yours looks great Carrie love the small sized fluffiness of them….they are great topped with lots of things, but I truly love them with maple syrup. I suppose its because I don’t make them very often and maple syrup is a luxury here!

  5. Thanh @ eat, little bird

    Oh wow, you got around to making them!! I can’t believe you’ve had difficulties in the past making pancakes … but so long as these pikelets worked out well for you and you liked them, I’m happy 🙂

    Am absolutely loving the new look of your blog!!! I know how much work goes on behind the scenes, so well done 🙂 Glad you put the header back – I sort of panicked when you removed it!

    P.S. A pikelet is not a pancake, iykwim … 😉

    1. thePatternedPlate

      Worked out well? They were superb! Thanks for the recipe!
      I’m glad you like the new look! There is a lot of work but it is pleasurable for me, when I see the end result! Yeah, I couldn’t let go of the header and think it suits this frame better than the last!

      And alright…pikelets it is 🙂

      1. Thanh @ eat, little bird

        You know that I’m a big fan of your header 🙂 And you’re right, it does suit your new blog template better than the last – I think it looks stunning here!

        I’ll forgive you for calling a pikelet a pancake if you’re ok with me calling your fish cutlets fishcakes 😉

  6. Pamela

    Beautiful as ever. This blog makes me hungry every time. As ever, I am in awe of your photography. You get lovely colour and brightness as well. I only get dull grey. Sniff….

  7. Hannah de Bevy de La Faverge

    I think I’ll have a go at these this week. It’s been years since I made them but I do remember the delicious little hot buttered mouthfuls!

  8. REBF

    You are hysterical and a talented author! Thank you for your blog, recipes and inspiration to not throw in the towel! Cheers. REBF

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