Cheesecake in a glass

Here is my lifesaver. Well, more like the dessert-after-a-barbecue rescuer. I had friends coming over for a barbecue and was well ahead with the planning. Everything had been made, ready to cook or serve. Considering how tardy I usually am, when it comes to preparations for entertaining, I was feeling smug today. For dessert, I had originally decided and baked a cake, which, due to a temperamental oven, cooked too quick, burning the sides before the middle was done. I thought I could wing it, but then, the middle collapsed on me. With three hours to go before people started arriving, I was in full blown hysterics; arms flapping, cursing under my breath and my mind going completely blank. What in the world, was I going to conjure up in three hours? What?

In the middle of this solo performance drama, Lil Lassie sauntered into the kitchen, asking for toast spread with cream cheese. I mechanically obliged her request, and then, as I was spreading the cheese, I remembered dimly, of a quick fix cheesecake recipe in Nigella’s app. Thrusting the plate into Lil Lassie’s hands, I made a mad dash for the iPad, gave the touch screen’s durability a run for its money, and found this gorgeous, easy, time saving, barely-a-recipe, recipe. To say I was relieved, is an understatement. My hysterical shouts of joy while clutching to the iPad, in case it should disappear in a puff of smoke, had the kids running to see what happened to mummy now!

These dinky sized beauties can be whipped up in fifteen minutes. And that’s while swatting at the hand of LilLoon, who was bent on pinching the juicy berries. He wasn’t too happy with me……….tough. It needs very little time to set and gives you all that you expect and want from a cheesecake, without the heavy richness. The cream mix was lush, smooth and tangy, infused with the scent and taste of lemons, a perfect balance for the nubbly Hobnobs (it was all I had, and better for it, I think). The tart berries were a perfect accompaniment, along with the shards of dark chocolate I had sprinkled on top.

My guests enjoyed them thoroughly. The tray holding these jewelled topped glasses, were carried through serenely, as if it were the plan all along. The chat went quiet and all you could really hear was the clinking and scraping of the spoons against the glass. It was a fitting end to a great night, despite the wobbly middle bit!

I would seriously recommend you have this recipe in your repertoire, for the taste and sheer ease of preparation. For midweek guests, as a backup plan, easy entertaining, or for when the fancy takes you. I have never made an easier pudding. And it feels like anything, but a cheat.


16 thoughts on “Cheesecake in a glass

  1. Liz Headon

    It sounds delicious, though I’d never just happen to have either cream cheese or cream in the fridge, so I’d be very lucky to have such recourse in an emergency. I chuckled with recognition at the words “as if it were the plan all along” – I think that serenely giving the impression is half the battle when entertaining !

    1. thePatternedPlate

      Ha! You are so right Liz! I don’t do dinner parties as it were, I am much more of a casual sorta supper get together person. I do draw the line at plastic plates and cutlery though!

      As for the cream cheese, well its a good thing to have knocking about for the kids and I always have cream, just in case I want to bake, or make a dessert, or enrich a soup, or ..or…or….you get the idea :-))

  2. Jean

    Gorgeous! I wouldn’t tend to have fresh raspberries unless I had a plan for them (though they are by far my favourite berries) but might have frozen ones so I’d possibly manage an Eton Mess version of the above. I dunno what cake you were planning on, but I can’t see how it could have been prettier, more elegant or more delicious than your “emergency” dessert!

  3. Sam-I-am

    Believe it or not I had had this ‘Cheese Cake in a Glass’ BEFORE Nigella came out with it in her App and I had it in one of our fancier restaurants here in Beirut! It was always one of our favorites and it was always ordered when we were a few couples who wanted to share a few deserts instead of each ordering his/her own. I always thought it was such a clever deconstructive type of concoction…Then Nigella comes out with it as a quick fix dessert while I was under the impression that it was the epitome of fine dining! Shows you how much I know! Carrie, can you please please have me over for dinner, and I would pray to God that not everything goes to plan as I would love to see what you come up with as I know it would be brilliant!

    1. thePatternedPlate

      LOL Sam! You are welcome here anytime! And Lord help you, if things don’t go to plan hahah!

      Funny what you say about the cheesecake! It just goes to show how there are two sides to every pudding! You know, considering your catering prowess, these would be really good for a large number of people, provided of course, you have a large number of glasses! But I loved the fact, that this recipe gave me the excuse to buy wee dinky glasses, just for the occasion!

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  6. zocomummy

    I’m much the same! I can totally relate to your hysteria! Mind you that one Christmas Eve I had all my plates and glasses shattered when a shelf gave minutes before the guests arrived! Nope, I’m not exaggerating. We had eat out of plastic plates…

    1. The Patterned Plate

      Hi Erika! Glad to know someone else understands. Though I have to say that your situation was definitely the superior nightmare!! Oh My goodness, as if Christmas entertaining is not stressful enough as it is! YOu have my praise!

  7. Racie25

    We have just been asked over to friends house for dinner last minute and I was panicking as to what to get them for a house warming gift! This has just saved my life as I can bring dessert in their new glasses as a house warming! PERFECT! Thank you. Racie25.

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