Madeleines…, little bird.

I had an odd idea about madeleines. They were much ado about nothing in my book. Perhaps the ones I had eaten at so called French cafe’s here in the Middle East, did much to educate me; incorrectly. Pretty, but dry, bites of compacted sawdust. I was not compelled to try baking madeleines at home either and the more celebrated they became, the more I spurned them.

Friends, however unknowingly, were conspiring against my prejudice. First, Thanh from Eat, Little Bird published a beautifully photographed post featuring Madeleines. Golden, nutella centred ones. In mini muffin tins. It was hard, very hard to disagree with such greed inducing evidence. I crumpled and bought a madeleine tin. That part was easy. However, it sat looking pretty for weeks, collecting dust on my shelf.

Second, was Mrs Cucina. Many a time, she has led me down the path of delicious indulgence, much to the detriment of my waistline. This time wasn’t going to be any different. She had tried Thanh’s recipe and her infectious enthusiasm and unflinching loyalty to it, could not fail to make an impact. She sealed the deal when she said the batter would remain, unharmed, in the fridge for three days. Sold.

The next day, I whipped up the batter, which was the work of minutes. My oven runs hot so in five minutes of baking time, I had golden coloured, buttery tasting, lemon scented, light as a cloud textured, shell shaped sponges. I baked half for ourselves, and kept the other to bake afresh for a coffee morning with friends. The ease of it, the bake-straight-from-the-fridge advantage and above all the taste and texture, won me over completely. Such is its estimation in my opinion, that I have baked these thrice in the same week. That never happens.

Make madeleines. Make these madeleines. Put a nugget of nutella in the middle, or some chocolate chips. Time it right and you can amble away into the sunshine, with these glowing on a plate. Or comfort yourself by the fire, on a cold afternoon with a steaming hot cup of tea. No one need ever know how easy these are to make……….. or how many you ate.

Click here for recipe on eat, little bird.


14 thoughts on “Madeleines…, little bird.

  1. jobakes

    Gorgeous little Madeleines Carrie! You and me seem to move along, discovering new foodie things at the same pace as I recently have started making Madeleines too. I fact, I used some leftovers to turn into a pud I shall be revealing later this week. They are such a “handy” sweet to have knocking about aren’t they?! X-D I’ve got two more recipes I want to trial in my relatively new madeleine pan too, now I’ve been reminded by your lovely post, I think I must crack on and make ’em soooooon! Xx

  2. Liz Headon

    Those look lovely. I’ve never baked them either for the same reason as you – the shop-bought ones are so dry and tasteless they never struck me as a likely “treat”. Not sure can justify a special tin but I expect it would work in ordinary bun/tartlet tins…

    1. thePatternedPlate

      Och aye Liz, it would work in a mini muffin pan, or a normal one even. I just love the shape of the traditional ones 🙂 . Do give them a try…they are soooo easy and one does feel mildy virtuous as these are so dinky!

  3. eat little bird

    Oh Carrie, it delights my heart to know that this recipe changed your mind about madeleines! I love how you also made them in mini muffin tins – they look like they all rose gorgeously, something my FIL would be very proud to see 🙂 And what absolutely stunning photos – I wish I could pop by for a cuppa at your place 🙂 Many thanks for trying this recipe and letting us all know about it!

  4. Cucina Italiana

    Wow – what amazing pics! These are just a bit too easy and delicious – they are verging on ‘dangerous’ since I could probably quite happily eat a tray full all to myself without batting an eyelid!

    I tried a few recipes before Thanh was kind enough to share hers – some vile, some delicious but a bit ‘faffy’ to make, these ticked all the right boxes and I have made them on so many occasions now I know the recipe off by heart 🙂

    Marcel Proust certainly got it right… 😉


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