A Chocolate Celebration

TheScotsman and I have just celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary. It was the first time we were together on the day, in the last six years. On our second anniversary, our last one together, I made gooey chocolate puddings from How to Eat by Nigella Lawson; which he absolutely adored and still does.

So it seemed only fitting to do the same this year. Sure, we could have gotten dolled up, eaten somewhere fancy, but we both just wanted to stay in, take our time, be ourselves, in our favourite cosy clothes that are anything but attractive. We put the kids to bed, lit some candles and ate a simple baked fish meal, drank some lovely wine and talked, uninterrupted by calls of “Mamaaaaaaaa” or “Daaaaaaady” in the middle of the conversation.

It was a quiet celebration of our life together, in our home. Somehow that was more romantic, than a five course meal in the midst of bustle and strangers.

I have made the gooey chocolate puddings loads of times, and thought I would try the Chocohotopots recipe out of Feast for a change. I can’t say its all that different, but both are still, indulgent and delicious. This is spoon licking worthy stuff…or finger-swiping-licking yumminess. I make the batter well in advance and leave it lying around till I am ready to bake it. If the butter cools and thickens it too much, a cautious medium-heat blast in the microwave brings it back to the right texture. Decant it into waiting buttered ramekins and bake. In 15 minutes (more or less depending on the size of your ramekins), the smell of warm chocolate will be wafting through your house and you will have the gooeiest, chocolatiest pudding, there ever was. In nice, neat little bowls. Cold, cold cream is my accompaniment of choice, while TheScotsman prefers ice-cream . I won’t argue either way.

I just managed to get a shot of the inside of the pudding, before TheScotsman’s patience ran out. Really, can it get better than this? A firm, dark, cracked exterior, hiding a molten, decadent, smooth, soft heart………..irresistible. Perfect for the occasion.


17 thoughts on “A Chocolate Celebration

  1. Natalie Morine

    Lovely as per usual!! I can just see it ….”noo wait I have to get a picture, dont eat it yet!!”

  2. Jenny

    Happy Anniversary to you two! Oh I remember those chocolate pots – I remember the first time you made them for me a Lisa, we were soooooo delighted and they have remained a firm favourite of mine. You know me and my sweet tooth. I actually might try and make these now I see them again – Kenny would be very pleased if I managed to make something like that but I’m always unsure how to leave them so they don’t go hard in the middle and stay gooey…..any tips?
    Oh by the way – do you ever check your emails Mrs?????

    1. thePatternedPlate

      Umm, errr, yes! But then I get lazy about writing an email LOL..expect a call soon Jenny..

      As for the puds, once risen and starting to crack, you know these are ready. You could always poke around one and see, but honestly, it would need to be baked for a fair bit longer, to get it completely cooked through. So just keep an eye on it and once up and volcanic mountain looking, whip it out and serve πŸ™‚ Its easy Jenny, on you go!

  3. Jo

    Ooo Carrie, you even have the same pots as Nigella uses in her TV series (second season Bites I think they debut). I adore this puds, so very easy and always hit the “I just gotta have chocolate” spot & like you, I often serve them for special meals for me and Hungry Hubby. And there ain’t nowt better than a home cooked dinner in ones jammies πŸ˜‰

  4. Cucina Italiana

    Oh my word – you are psychic as well?! I have had a craving for these beauties since last night and then here you are having made them!!! I cannot emphasise enough how much I love these litlle puds of chocolateyness… They take under five minutes to put together, keep in the fridge for a few days AND can be baked straight from the fridge!!!

    *sigh* Now I really want one after looking at your amazing pictures Carrie! πŸ™‚

    Claudine x

  5. Joost Poort

    They are so good, aren’t they? I’ve never tried the gooey chocolate puddings and always make the Chocohotopots and I absolutely adore them. Normally I don’t like having to bake after a meal with friends but I happily go back into the kitchen for these babies .

    1. thePatternedPlate

      In complete agreement Joost :-)). There is not much of a difference between the two, but the gooey ones, come out with softer tops if that makes sense. I think the flour content is even less than these. Either one would float my boat Joost! And these are always highly anticipated when friends come around!

  6. Hazzer

    My mouth is watering after reading and looking at the photos. I haven’t made these yet, why? I have no idea. Perhaps next weekend.
    Glad you had nice anniversary.

  7. eat little bird

    Happy anniversary to you and TheScotsman!!! Wow, eight years … I think these Chocohotopots sound like the perfect way to celebrate something special πŸ™‚ I’ve never tried this recipe before, though I make the Gooey Chocolate Puddings so often that I can do it with my eyes closed! Maybe one day I’ll talk myself into trying this recipe instead πŸ˜‰ I think the puddings look really elegant in these cups.

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  9. lovefoodlifealchemy

    Utterly yummy! I have got to try it out. I am planning a quiet New Years Eve indoors from the cold. I may try this out for our desert and set the same ambiance to ring the in the new year after the little one is fast asleep.

    Happy Anniversary to the two of you!

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