Here I go a-truffle-ing……

There are people in this world, born with a natural instinct, for choosing the perfect gift. You know….those folk who know exactly what to buy, where to buy it and how to gift it. One that makes the receiver do the ‘happy hop dance’, squealing in delight!I am panic stricken at the thought of choosing a gift. Shop staff see me come in repeatedly, tutting, whispering to myself, hesitant to make a decision. A mild case of hysteria sets in, if I am choosing a gift for those I don’t really know. Of course, the thing with all this to-ing and fro-ing is that a purchase will be made at the very last minute, pouring more tension into my hands as I pass my gift to the receiver, while trying to rein in an apologetic look.  Alcohol, supplied after and gratefully accepted, does much to numb the confusion.

Perhaps in attempt to appease, I like to give something homemade. In my case, that means its edible. It feels like a personal touch and an act of good-will, or intentions at least. And one of the best suited treats for times like these, are chocolate truffles. This one happens to come from Kate Shirazi’s Chocolate Magic, gratefully received from Jo. Thanks so much love….

Smooth, rich, luscious little balls of chocolate and double cream, these treats are so easy to make, that it feels like a cheat. Use the best tasting chocolate you have. Since the truffle is just chocolate melted into scalded cream, the taste of the chocolate itself really comes through. Try a blend of 50% to 60% cocoa, if 70% is too dark for you. Anything lower that that, is not a truffle in my book. Might as well give them a Cadbury bar.

I also, tend to make my truffles quite small. I think the large gobstopper sized ones are off-putting, and considering how many women tend to be weight watching, it perhaps makes it easier on them, to have wee sized bites. Less guilt. We could all do with that!

For these beauties, I kept one batch plain, and the other two had a slug or two of Kahlua and Malibu each. Just add a teaspoon according to taste. The plain ones I drizzled with white chocolate, the Malibu ones in shredded coconut and the Kahlua babies in cocoa. I had some pop sorbet coloured petit four cases from Sainsbury’s and loved the contrast between the dark, intense chocolate and the ditsy, bright papers. So along with pretty cases, I made a pretty box (I used 12 inch square paper to make a box for 10 truffles) with the same colour scheme and wrote a pretty note.

Carrying this box last night, to a friend’s birthday party, made me feel quite satisfied and rather happy. I felt secure that if the gift was not up her street (and I spent three days running through shops trying to find ethnic jewellery) the chocoholic in her would definitely love these. I would be vindicated in my own eyes for my headless, chicken run of a gift hunt. If these don’t redeem me, nothing will. Maybe there was no need for that apologetic look after all.


21 thoughts on “Here I go a-truffle-ing……

  1. Mom

    Amazing. I did not know it was so easy. Not that I would have done it even if I had known. A tried recipe by you is more my style. And to think we paid AED 150 for a box of 6 pcs.

  2. eat little bird

    Oh my gosh! You made these?? Of course you did … the photos prove it 😉 But honestly, when I saw the first photo, I thought you were writing about your favourite shop-bought truffles! These look divine!!! If you say they are this easy, I would love to give them a try. They would make for such a lovely gift. Though, I don’t have your skills with gift-wrapping and home-made stationery … I think you can confirm this fact! 😉 Speaking of which, I’m thrilled to see that the measuring cups arrived intact!

      1. thePatternedPlate

        Thanks Thanh!! They were uber delicious and oh, seriously, they are lush and a doddle to make. CSI gloves come to your aid with the rolling bit here. And they really are a lovely gift to give, birthday or not, as a hostess gift, or just because.

        Oh and seriously the box Thanh, I kid you not, is not complicated in the least and its such a useful thing to know! All you need is a square bit of sturdy-ish paper. Seriously, click on the link and try it with a small square of paper….I have so many of them dotted around the house, to hold bits and bobs including several in my makeup drawer.

        Ha! You should have seen me with the measuring cups! Even the camera didn’t get treated as gently as they did. So beautiful Thanh, they are and I thank you. 😀

  3. NYinRome

    Love the colors Carrie, oh and the truffles too. No no no the plate is to die for, really! grrrrr..and truffles are one of my most fave things….and I don’t want anything less than 70% either……;) and the photos are really really really exceptional….really. 😉

  4. Natalie Morine

    They look soooo fabulous, wow I am always blown away by your photos Carrie, these are so vibrant & just…. well….beautiful…this is your calling. Xmas is coming so this is bookmarked for pressies. xx

    1. thePatternedPlate

      Thanks Natalie, yes I do like things bright LOL! They would be wonderful for Xmas. In red and white wrappers, or bright green too, they would look right bonny! All the recipes says they keep for a day or two in the fridge but I always push it to around 3-4 if in an airtight container. CSI gloves at the ready!

  5. Cucina Italiana

    Oh my goodness Carrie – you have surpassed even yourself with this one! The photography is out of this world, so beautiful, colourful and very ‘you’.

    If it were me taking such a beautiful and thoughtful handmade gift to my friend, I would feel a smug pride as everyone ‘ooohs and aaaaahs’ over these decadent delights and watching as the hostess very quickly hides them for devouring secretively after her guests have gone!

    You never fail to amaze me!

    Claudine xx

  6. Sean McGinn

    stunning Carrie, the writing, the photography, the box, the whole thing has me just lost for words. I now realise why Miss T was rambling on about a cake decorated with truffles. x

  7. Hazzer

    If you gave these to me I would hide them and secretly eat them later, on my own. Beautiful photos, loving the colours. might have to make these for my yoga ladies for Christmas goodies. Now will they actually receive them? Really like the step by step photos.

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