Muffin Masterclass for Mel

Ok, let me start by saying that this post is primarily aimed at my sister and my mother. The former has not had a lot of success with muffins and my mother berates me for the lack of detailed photographs. I am attempting family harmony here, muffin style.

My sister is a mean cook. I eat her curries with relish, tinged with envy. She has ‘The Nose’; my mother swears by using your nose. To know when the different stages take place in the birth of a good curry. Melanie has that gene, I have to pretend to. Mel also possesses, what Nigella calls a necessity in a good cook – greed. I couldn’t agree more!

The one, much loved habit Mel has, which is stirring, is her greatest ally in making a curry. There are no two ways about it. You need to be stood by your hot pot, stirring the onions et al continuously to get the ingredients to blend together and become a perfect masala. She enjoys this process immensely, hovers over the pot jealously, her hand tight over the continually moving wooden spoon. Do not attempt to ‘help’. Chillies burn, as does the hot wooden spoon. I know. Hmmm….I should get her onto risottos!

This very trait however, is also her downfall when it comes to muffins. A lumpy batter makes a light muffin. Melanie has yet to control the impulse to beat the hell out of the batter to smoothen it. So it comes out flat, dense, with a bread like crust. Eatable still, but a muffin…. it is not.

It just so happened that today I was planning on making Nigella’s Apple and Cinnamon Muffins from Kitchen. I adore this recipe being a sucker for any apple-cinnamon. It’s a primitive combination, in a way like baby food. It is pretty much a tie between an apple based or a chocolate dessert in my book. Do not make me choose.

I had spelt flour lying around so I used that, though I often use plain flour. I have noticed that, though these muffins are not high risers anyway, the spelt flour ones tend to rise less than the plain flour muffins. There’s no stopping these getting gobbled either way. Here, I made smaller ones, to go into Lil’Lassie’s lunchbox. I’m sure she won’t notice…..I think.

So Melanie, here you go…..(and Ma, yes I finally posted this recipe. And yes, you have to weigh and measure the ingredients!! )


23 thoughts on “Muffin Masterclass for Mel

  1. eat little bird

    This has to be the cutest post ever! I absolutely love the step-by-step photos with the instructions. Your sister can’t go wrong now! I am still yet to try this recipe from Kitchen (I think I have only attempted 2 or 3 recipes from this book!) but hopefully soon πŸ™‚ Gorgeous photos, too!

    1. thePatternedPlate

      Thanks Thanh! Melanie is a very visual creature so hope she does get some use out of it! If not, well it was still fun to do! its worth giving this a go. I know there are detractors, but if i am not mistaken, you are an apple and cinnamon lover too, no? You’ll like these πŸ˜€

  2. jobakes

    Ooo count me into the apple-cinnamon club! Shh, don’t tell Twinkles but I snook a portion of something apply and cinnamony I plan to blog in the fall proper tonight tee hee hee! And yes Thanh has it – this is the most super cute post ever, who knew you had it in you Carrie! πŸ˜‰ Bizarrely I haven’t made these either but it is only a matter of time, only a matter of time…

  3. Julia Levy

    Lovely post. And loving the layout of the blog. I was hunting everwhere for the muffin masterclass up and down until i realised i was supposd to click the pic like a link. Sigh… Maybe you need to dumb down even the simplest of things for me!!!

    1. thePatternedPlate

      He was, literally Anna, following me around the kitchen, when he saw me take these out of the oven. He grabbed his stool and stood by me, watching and waiting, while I took photos. There was NO getting rid of him, so thought I might as well use him in it!

  4. melanie

    oh lordy!! u had me gagging my laughter at the office when i read this.. it cud not have been more accurate loved it…. and that batter is so dense..i mean its like a big lump… i thought it was more loose…oh goosh the photos have helped immensly…only thing is Shon and Laura will be like ” no not again with the muffins”… naturally coz they are forced to eat it later……look forward to trying this and apples and cinnamon are my one weakness πŸ˜‰

  5. nicola

    oooh I am daft for anything with apple & cinnamon! I agree these muffins are fab. I’m loving the descriptive photos on this post! Great work Carrie!

  6. Cucina Italiana

    Oh wow, this has to be your best post yet Carrie! It also happens that along with Ms Lawson’s maple & pecan muffins, these happen to be most favourite of all time!

    They are a very or favourite in our household and Ihave to make them while I am alone at home otherwise they come out of the oven and scoffed within half and hour – my youngest has a scar on his chin from getting a little too close to the tray *just* as it had come out of the oven and I had warned him… I saw him flinch away, next think I knew there was a tiny strip of his skin on the edge of the tray and he was desperately trying to hold back the tears! He learned his lesson the hard way that day – but got a muffin once I had applied a cold compress to the afflicted little chin! πŸ™‚

  7. Mom

    Finally got to this page. Can get the smell of the apple and cinnamon while reading through. Nothing to beat that combi. Great photographs. Have not shown it to Luval as yet. I will not have any peace. He is not aware of this blog of yours. I am protecting myself Heehaaa. Will try it out this coming week and let you know the outcome.

    I have been using the silicone cup cases you gave me for making idlis :-)). It is time I put it to the right use.

    1. thePatternedPlate

      Haha! Well mum you were always one for using things in a manner they were not originally intended for! The idlis would be rather pretty though, no?

      These muffins are easy ma, and good for school lunchboxes..make them!! πŸ˜€

  8. NYinRome

    hey you’ve got the cutest little muffin monster! with the cutest little greedy hands! haha! how could you chase him away?! Carrie, we’ve got the same measuring cups, teehee, mine are as old as the hills though. As always, wonderful read full of warmth and color and humor, not to mention the photos of course πŸ˜‰ You not only made me want the muffins, but I want your sister’s curry too! ayayayay……:)

  9. Pamela

    A lovely, lovely post. You have taken a lot of time and care with it. Gorgeous, appetising homely pictures as always. Now, I have to know, where did those beautiful plates come from – in your main pic? Please tell me, it is gonna eat me up until I know!!

    1. thePatternedPlate

      Thanks Pamela!!! As for the ‘plates’…they are actually coasters! And I got them from a shop in Spain while on holiday this year! waaa, sorry love! if I see anything here, I’ll give you a shout!

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