Ditch the day, lick a lolly.

You know, it’s the small, petty things during the day that knocks me. Like the dishwasher refusing to dry my dishes properly which leads to murky water splattering all over the floor, that I, then have to mop up; on which LilLoon unintentionally starts to skate and of course he falls, bangs his head and wails in pain, making his sister run into the kitchen for a nosy, who squeezes her carton of juice in her excitement and sprays herself, her clothes and the floor. Which needs another mop. Now I have to change their clothes, knowing full well they will need another set when the next thing happens. All this, when I have to leave the house ten minutes ago. I swallow a scream, or three.

Jerusha Abbot in Daddy Long Legs declares, “Anybody can rise to a crisis and face a crushing tragedy with courage, but to meet the petty hazards of the day with a laugh–I really think that requires SPIRIT.” Never a truer word was spoken.

While I try to contemplate a life of laughing at the series of little, unfortunate events that clutter my day, I do attempt to at least enjoy the simpler pleasures. For example, LilLassie’s wonky and decidedly unflattering picture of myself. The smell of coffee in the morning. Licking on a homemade blackberry lolly on a skin-peeling hot day….it soothes the soul.

In eight hours, you will have your family mugshots in lolly form. Quite true to life as well!

These are gloriously good. I think I prefer blackberries over all the other types. There is a perfume in the taste and all that goodness is captured in these lollies. It’s a doddle to make and if you are lucky to have your own plant and have a glut, this is one way of putting them to great use. Don’t stop here, you could substitute with raspberries, which are wonderful! Make them multilayered by freezing a small portion of one of the fruit liquids in the lolly before pouring in the next one to freeze and so on. Or make strawberry ones with yoghurt and honey instead. You know it makes sense.

A word of caution; wear an apron. The stains are merciless.

Do not give these to the kids in their best clothes. I tie a tea towel round their necks… and mine for that matter. And definitely NOT while they are sat on my white leather sofa. Yet I know that, somehow, in some way, for all my vigilence … there will be dark, blood-coloured splatters dotting that sofa.


16 thoughts on “Ditch the day, lick a lolly.

  1. NYinRome

    oh you are on to me, having a similar day, well all my days are similar to this one! Anyway MIL just brought over loads of those lovely little fruits called blackberries….and well it all looks lovely fun and hilarious and delicious….but I don’t have those lollipop thingies….;(
    As always Carrie lovely really and truly delightful fotos and reading…keep it coming girl;)

  2. Natalie Morine

    Love it! Have you thought about eating them outside with no clothes on …the kids I mean.. lol!!
    Those molds are wonderful, where did you get them from..I know you probably have mentioned it before…easier for you to tell now rather than me trying to find your post..just being utterly lazy!!

    1. thePatternedPlate

      haha! You had me there Natalie! I do tha too but its so blisteringly hot outside (43 deg) that the lolly would melt faster than they could eat it! Haha!
      The funny faces molds are sold by Lakeland in the UK…..fabulous stuff, and it silicone so it comes off easy and stores flat in the freezer. Only annoying thing is that its only three in one unit so now am forced to buy a second..not difficult I assure you. I think I paid £7 for them..but so worth it! Kids and myself get a chuckle out of it!!!

  3. jobakes

    Lol aw Carrie, you’re so funny! Love the description of you all running around like headless chickens! And Nat, lol, I don’t think “naturist” behaviour would be appreciated in Doha hahaha!

  4. Melanie Dias

    OOOH!! this is apt for me… I love the photos with the instructions… paints a permanent pic in me brain…..and the write up…not a single mum would not be able to identify with that situation…

  5. Mom

    The write up was great. My boss was in splits after reading it. Great mugshots.

    You can make it for us the next time you are here :-)). I will babysit.
    Hmmm I wonder what your visualization of our family mugshots will be like.



  6. Pamela

    They look great! I agree about the blackberries, they are the best fruit for this sort of thing. Can I be cheeky enough to suggest something? Try with maple syrup….. you won’t look back, I promise!

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